Terrariums. . . A Fairy World

Thursday, July 26, 2012

When I was young I loved to visit my Aunty Nancy and Uncle Ben's house.
Aunty Nancy was the youngest of my aunts and somehow always seemed as though she was closer in age to us than to our mom.
There was always something to do at Aunty Nancy's house. . .
Cousins to play with and rabbits to pet.
And something that always fascinated me. . . .
A huge terrarium.
I read every Brothers Grimm book I could find in our town's small library and somehow, looking into the miniature world of her terrarium, I was sure that it was exactly the kind of place fairies would hang out.

Well, it looks as though something old has been made new again.. . .

Look at the beautiful terrariums I came across at the slug and the squirrel . . .

What fairy would be able to resist these unique, tiny gardens??

I'm going to keep a sharp eye out when I hit the thrift stores and flea markets.

One of these would be great in my office.

After all. . . what office is complete without a little magic in it?

And who knows . . . if I'm really lucky,  some of that magic magic will spill out and transform my office into a studio.

 I've always wanted one of those. . .

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